Wednesday, May 23, 2012

$ Fix Me $

It would cost someone $3,425 for a series Landmark Education courses. I would call it "the full experience."  You think your life is screwed up? Having doubts about reaching your bloody potential? Maybe you could just take a chance and find out for yourself. Talk to a friend and save the money for something that really will benefit you for the rest of your life - like a week in Hawaii with your favorite person. Don't let organizations like Landmark and PSI steal your money because that is what they do. Oh, sure some people claim that they help you. They help you alienate your old life and your real friends and family. This is what you get when you could get the advice you need to hear from a friend or family for free.
Here's the bloody breakdown:
The Landmark Forum: $510. It's a full weekend. All day. Teens and youngin's have their own program too!
The Advanced Course: $850. 4 days
There are two Communication Courses: one is $425, the other is $675. "Access to Power" (3 days, prerequisite is the Landmark Forum) and "Power to Create" (3 days and requires you've completed "Access to Power").
The Direct Access: Creating the Future You Really Want: A 2 day (Sat. & Sun.) seminar that is only in NY or LA. So airfare is extra.
SELP (Self Expression and Leadership Program). $220  I think this is where they teach you how to recruit. They claim is is part of a two year training, but the program itself is over the period of several months. * Prerequisite course of Advanced Seminar.
There are additional seminars, like on on intimacy which is 30 hours.  3 hours every week for 10 weeks. Most are $125. All require The Landmark Forum as a prerequisite. Some have other seminars as prerequisite.  So if you take two you've now spent $3,425 and have a lost a total of at least one consecutive month of your life (adding all the days together is at least 26 assuming you can double up on SELP and a seminar as a fun example).

Feel any better?

That's a lot of money and a lot b.s. to take in.

Also, if you're considering this seriously, talk to a friend who doesn't speak any weird lingo. Like using the words "empowerment," or "realizing your full potential," or "actuality," etc... Talk to a normal person who has never been brainwashed (aka forced or volunteered into a seminar on SELF-HELP).
SELF HELP starts with helping YOURSELF and not letting complete strangers tell you what's wrong with you. You're smart enough to know what's wrong and what to do to fix it or ultimately accept it. There are some things we can't change!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

    For Mother's Day, I'm dedicating this to the moms who have educated their children to think for themselves, always question and educate themselves, have an open mind and a strong will. I think my parents have done that because I would never let this happen to me or anyone in the world if I can prevent it.
   I realize this is the most controversial topic I will probably ever address, but I have read a lot on this from people who gone through the PSI Seminars and those whose lives have been destroyed by the people who have been brainwashed by PSI for 39 years and over 500,000 people that have attended their seminars. It bothers me. I don't know anyone who is in my life now that has been through this. There are some who still suffer under the delusion that everything is fine, that their parents are wrong, their old friends (before PSI) don't understand them, that their boyfriends, girlfriends or spouses are not being supportive. You are brainwashed and being selfish and you need help.
   Below is my post on today's message board. It refers to a post from a few days ago by a former PSI member.She initiated the topic on the message board several years ago.
   Hi, Five years ago, I came to this site (link below)  to do personal research on PSI after someone suggested it to me. I don't forward emails to people if they are even slightly suspicious or use scare tactics. So, I'm glad I never did get involved. Having more free time these days, I was curious yesterday and started reading up on PSI and the posts here.
  These are just some thoughts I've had over the last 24 hours or so:
   I'm happy that the young woman whose education opened her eyes in such a brief time. The fact that she is open-minded and came out of PSI open-minded says a lot of her will and I think is a rare instance indeed.
What I'm sad to learn is that they are still around. Also I think it is very disturbing that they are offering 1 day free Basic Intros.
   I went to their website today (PSI Seminars) and saw they have a new store. Yet another racket for these people. If you look at the JCW tab, it is a link to books recommended by the founder I assume. The authors are other racketeers such as Deepak Chopra and Bob Procter; but Shirely McClaine? I couldn't find evidence of her involvement except for her two books being listed.
   Charismatic speakers (one in particular) started the Holocaust. I'm just saying...
   Why are the locations of the Seminars hidden until registration is paid? This is a particularly effective tool cults use to ensure there would be no intervention by the non-believers or the negative people. I wouldn't mind joining a protest in front of the hotel just to get people to stop. There are far too many people ruined by this organization. For the 500,000 people that have attended these seminars, multiply that by 20 for each person whose co-workers, friends, and family have been hurt or ruined. It bothers me that companies pressure their employees into this by paying for it and other methods. Specifically, an open minded person who wants to keep their job would go. Someone more willing to know what they are getting into, not really knowing who their boss is, maybe even the boss doesn't know what he/she is getting into.
   Everyone has a weakness. I think PSI's use of psychological tactics covets this fact and uses it. These methods of breaking you down and bringing you up seem to be a consistency in cults and other Large Group Awareness Training organizations. You're there in the first place to better yourself. So, already you go there with the assumption that there is something wrong with you or that something is missing in your life. Everyone wants it better, they want more cars, more money and better relationships. There's a point where wiser people realize that life is what it is. You can only try to change how you react and look at each moment, each event in your life. You can't imagine yourself (I'm referring to "The Secret" DVD which I've suffered through and is recommend by JCW) with more money, then go out and get a $50,000 car loan, attend seminars that cost over $7-8,000, and expect your family to "go with it." I mean, things coming to you because you visualize it or meditate on it? Really, so the rich men (ALL 3) on the east coast who won the lottery last year visualized it too?
   People need to realize that the sooner that they let go of their desires, they will find that they have what they need. Do I need to buy a t-shirt right now? No, I have twenty. I'd like to, but it won't make me happy. What makes me happy is seeing my friends and family happy. Vacations make me happy because my husband/family and I get to spend so much time together just seeing the world and experiencing life and yummy food. Getting brainwashed won't make anyone happy. Think for yourself people, please.,24037

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How Should...

How Should... is today's Google search topic.

How should I cut my hair? Take some garden shears and chop it all off or shave your head.
How should my suit fit? Shirt on top, tie around the neck, jacket on top, pants on the bottom.
How should running shoes fit? Loose, loose, loose! You don't need stability or support. It's all lies. Shin splints are a fabrication of the sneaker industry.
How should a condom fit? Well enough so you don't feel anything.
How should a bra fit? Very tight. Bulges everywhere. Permanent indentation marks on your skin will help you guide it into place every morning. You want to look good in a sundress, right?
How should a resume look? Write it on a napkin after your third martini. Include the olive for extra points.
How should I invest in money? You have money? I'll take donations!
How should a newborn sleep? Hold it upside down or strap it to a tree branch by its feet.
How should we then live? Where should you live is a better question. My answer would be not near me.
How should prepared slides be handled? Wear gloves if this isn't the 200th picture of last 4th of July when Aunt Jane fell asleep in the chicken salad.

Monday, May 7, 2012

How to...

      I love Google predicative search engine. Just type in “how to” and it will tell you what people are searching for. The top ten are never the topics I am interested in researching at the moment. But if you wanted to know what people are thinking about right now, type it in. I think it's amusing. I was thinking how many of these things do I know or would be able to figure out without researching.
     This is what I found today when I typed in “how to” on Google's website.
     How to tie a tie.
     How to delete Facebook. (How about just cancelling your account?)
     How to make a cakepop (I can figure out how to poke a candy stick into a small cake).
     How to take a screenshot on a Mac (You got me there. I don't even use one).
     How to hard boil eggs (Yes).
     How to make french toast (Oh yes! And with brioche or Pannetone! Ahhh... heaven).
     How to download you tube videos (No comment).
     How to get rid of acne scars (You don't want me to hold lasers to your face. But if you do offer me an insane amount of money, like $1.4 million assuming about $400,000 goes to the government, then I'll do it).
    How to cook asparagus (Yum! Yes I do).
    How to love lyrics (I'm assuming this is a song).
    On a side note, there are so many songs that are popular, I hate their lyrics. They repeat the same chorus – a single word or phrase so many times like that song that was so popular and so whiny by Green Day. I hope you have the time of your life. That phrase is repeated 4 times. It is the end of the chorus which is repeated three times at the end. The chorus comprises of half of the lyrics of the song. It is one of my biggest pet peeves. WE GET IT ! OK?!? If I have walk through Costco with its concrete walls and floors reverberating that mess of a sappy high school graduation party song where everyone is in that sentimental mood, then pass me a 50L bottle of wine so I won't suffer anymore. I'd rather be stuck in a room with Rosie O'Donnell and Richard Simmons for 5 seconds. My hell is eternity with those two and that song playing nonstop.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fleur de Lys, San Francisco, CA

* * * * * (5 of 5 stars) reviewed today on April 20, 2012

My husband and I dined at Fleur de Lys on March 23, 2012. I loved it. It was the best meal I've had so far on this continent. I went all out with the five course wine pairing menu. You can't go wrong with anything from their menu. I wish I could describe in greater detail the bliss after each bite, but my mind goes blank as it did that night. Our reservation was around 6pm, but soon the restaurant was filled. We had made our reservation about 2 weeks before, and it was either early or 9pm. I wouldn't try going there without a reservation anyday of the week.
The food is incredible, innovative, creative, thoughtful and just so good. The wine was just awesome. I liked how the maĆ®·tre d' was polite to the busboy/server when we overheard him excuse himself by addressing the server with "Sir." I thought that was classy. The whole place is classy. I don't know if I get the inspiration behind the decor, but all I care is that it's clean, comfortable, pleasant etc... and it was beyond that. The whole staff was pleasant and respectful to each other. The noise level was ok because there was a private party, and we were kind of near it, but it was better than your average chain place on a weekend. I didn't have to raise my voice to talk to my husband who was sitting across from me. I don't enjoy those places much.